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  • The Fundamental Feature Of Our Glass Art Household Products Is To Make Art Glass Small And Delicate, And Combine It With Traditional Household Products To Form Its Own Characteristics. At Present, Hundreds Of Artistic Glass Patterns Have Been Developed. Each Art Glass Is Carefully Matched With Different Colors Of Glass, Hand-Fired By Craftsmen With Specific Procedures, Slowly Cooled, Selected, And Then Pasted On The Metal To Form A Unique Product.
  • Exclusively Owned! Exclusive Technology! Exclusive Patent! Original Design! No Resin, No Plastic, 100% Hand Fired Glass Crafts, Let Art Come To Life, Let Life Be Full Of Art
  • We Try To Screw Up The Depth Of The Products Is The Largest, If 25 Mm Screw Still Unable To Tighten Your Furniture, Please Little Nut Screwing In The Screw, Adjusting Nut And To Tighten The Furniture.So No Matter How Thin You Furniture Plate, Can Be Fixed.
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