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100% hand-fired glass crafts are inlaid on metal to make clothes hooks. exclusively! exclusive technology! exclusive patent! original design! make your furniture unique. accept custom. accept business orders.any counterfeiting will be held liable
Necessity of round hooks: some clothing fabrics are precious or easy to deform. Hanging on ordinary hooks, the contact surface is too small, and the time is too long. It is easy to deform the clothing fabrics or damage the clothing, but the diameter is larger. The round hook has a large contact surface, which can greatly reduce the force on the clothes and protect the clothes. Therefore, adding a round hook is not just for aesthetics.

Every product is a work of art, let art come into life, let life be full of art.
On the basis of traditional clothes hooks, the original mounting screws are improved into circular hooks with self-tapping screws. And the round hook is inlaid with exquisite hand-fired art glass, which is beautiful and practical
Product description

Production process and characteristics of art glass part in products:

First, the glass of a specific color is melted in a specific mold, and then other color particles or melted glass are added thereon, and under the action of fire, a special glass processing process such as further melting, rotation, etc., is elaborated by the craftsman to form The real art is put into the cooling furnace and cooled down by strict time. A few fine products are selected and bonded to the furniture handle.

Heavy-Duty modern 4 long +2 round Coat Hook
Material: Stainless Steel + Zinc Alloy
Finish: chrome plated
Stainless steel plate length 34.5cm width 3.7cm thickness 0.18cm
Long hook distance: 10cm
Diameter of round hook: 3.7cm
Net weight£º0.35kg
Package Includes:
1XHeavy-Duty modern 4 long +2 round Coat Hook
The round hook contains self-tapping screws instead of traditional installation hardware, which is beautiful and practical
Application Scope:
Heavy-Duty modern 4 long +2 round Coat Hook is very utility to be as your towel holder, coat and hat rack, key hook, purse hook, scarf hanger, robe hanger, clothes hanger and others.
Except its utility, coat hook is also very elegant with its modern look, great decorative hook to enhance your livingroom, bedroom, closet, bathroom, kitchen, entryway, hallway and more.

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